April 9

something for the child in all of us…

if you find a fairy walking
in the shadow of the moon
stay hushed inside your footsteps
until she breaks in tune

she’ll call to you in song
and echo her witty way
she’ll tickle you with laughter
in hopes that you will stay

a fairy searches for company
in those who must believe
in her shadow past the sunset
far beyond the weeping tree

her song for you is that of love
and how to always feel
that you are loved no matter what
and know that it is real

so if you do believe in her
and that her song is ever true
never worry if she can’t be found
for her spirit resides in you

© Copyright 2014 Melissa Leigh Clarke. All Rights Reserved.

About Melissa Leigh

I believe that every life is full of endless moments that help you, hurt your, change you, inspire you, and allow you to mold yourself into the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Stories exist in all of us and need to be shared in order to grow.
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