dancing trees

come take my hand
walk with me
turn up the silence
and listen to the dancing of the trees

they tell a story
of what to adore
the simple truths,
in life filled with more

it’s not that far
where we need to go
just a memory away
we’ll take it slow

under the trees we’ll stand
as you fall into me
our eyes painting pictures
on souls that we see

and the trees will dance
just as they did before
if you turn up the silence
and embrace what you adore

© Copyright 2014 Melissa Leigh Clarke. All Rights Reserved.


About Melissa Leigh

I believe that every life is full of endless moments that help you, hurt your, change you, inspire you, and allow you to mold yourself into the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Stories exist in all of us and need to be shared in order to grow.
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