a tree has roots

a branch will bend
when the wind blows strong
and it’s leaves will steady
themselves against the rush of force
determined to strip hope
once meant to provide shade
for the weakening mind

and a branch may break
when the drive is too intense
and it’s reach will splinter
itself against the flash of strength
destined to humble vision
once dreamt to provide sail
for the buoyant body

but a tree has roots
and they go down deep
to steady what is exposed
like a soul
whose heart it protects
and encourages
to rise again
with broken parts
from weakened knees
as if no storm
has passed it’s way

© Copyright 2014 Melissa Leigh Clarke. All Rights Reserved.

About Melissa Leigh

I believe that every life is full of endless moments that help you, hurt your, change you, inspire you, and allow you to mold yourself into the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Stories exist in all of us and need to be shared in order to grow.
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