neither lost, nor found

as she leaves me still
in the trace
of the morning light
I remain braced
by unspoken words
hanging off tongues
I cower down
unable to rise above
to inhale the fresh air
that oscillates around me
these chains
damn, these chains
cut deeply into
the roots of my heart
and their presence
has worn well
like ruts in quicksand
I lay motionless
wanting to escape
to breach into
the dripping hues
hovering above me
but knowing
that every movement
sinks me back down
into the promise
sketched across my back
and the scars
that hold her here
so I dissolve
into nothing
so that I am
neither lost
nor found

© Copyright 2014 Melissa Leigh Clarke. All Rights Reserved.

About Melissa Leigh

I believe that every life is full of endless moments that help you, hurt your, change you, inspire you, and allow you to mold yourself into the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Stories exist in all of us and need to be shared in order to grow.
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