winter is not real

in the winter
i do not breathe

i surface breathe.
just enough to explore
and wander
about my surroundings
but least enough
to satisfy the waiting

winter is not real.
it is time
on hold
feet stumbling at the gate
anticipating the break through
appeasing the clock

covered in frosted blankets
of grey and white
i see less of me
in the long shadow of you
and as one sunset
seamlessly folds
into another sunrise
time becomes
one expanded moment
of breathlessness

© Copyright 2015 Melissa Leigh Clarke. All Rights Reserved.

About Melissa Leigh

I believe that every life is full of endless moments that help you, hurt your, change you, inspire you, and allow you to mold yourself into the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Stories exist in all of us and need to be shared in order to grow.
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